Why do I need reading glasses?

You are in your 40s and you wake up one day and find that your arms aren’t long enough anymore. You are holding reading material further and further away. Some days are good and some days are really bad i.e if the lighting is poor or you are tired.

What is happening is completely natural. As we age the lens in the eye becomes less flexible. So the muscles are still working but the lens is just a bit harder. You may even notice that it takes you a few moments to change your focus from near to far.

So how can I help you?
1) If your distance vision is good and you don’t need correction to see far, then you can just get a pair of reading spectacles. You would need to put them on for reading or working at your PC/laptop.
2) You may choose to get an office multifocal lens which gives you a wider range of focal lengths than a regular reader.
3) If you already wear spectacles for distance then it may be time for a pair of multifocal lenses.
They do take a bit of getting used to but the benefit is that you can see far, intermediate and near. There are no lines on the lenses and only you’ll know that you are wearing them.
4) You can get a pair of bifocals. These are the lenses that have a line in them and give you distance vision and reading (no intermediate/computer section).
5) If you are a contact lens wearer then there are multifocal contact lenses available. Or you can wear reading glasses or office multifocal lenses over your distance contact lenses.
6) You might need more than one pair of spectacles to help you with different tasks.

Come in for an appointment and we can discuss the different options available to you.